Impression of tourist from Netherland about his sooo desirable " Edge of Space Flight" in MiG-29

Tourist from Netherland in cockpit of MiG-29
Photo of dutch tourist with MiG-29 before Flight to Stratosphere

My idea to make MiG-29 Flight appears when i was in Paris and have heard from polish collague about this opportunity- get to Stratosphere in MIG-29 in Russia. And i hold this idea in my head. I understood that it is real lifetime adventure!
I search in internet and found company "Space Tourism Ltd" and i saw that they are direct company, not agent. And i prefer to talk to local company. I want to find best person who could explain me everything and all details. And i found it in this company.
Main reason of my trip was MiG-29 Flight, but i also decided go to St.Ptersburg and Moscow to have full impression of Russia.
I am impressed of help of manager. Everything was very professional, excellent organized, she is very kind and friendly.
In day of MiG-29 Flight i can't believe that finally this day comes!
I was a little bit nervous about Flight, but also excited how it will be!! Sergey Kara , my pilot, is real professional and very polite and friendly man. He explained me all details, asked me what i want to do during MiG-29 Flight.
Flight to Stratosphere and Aerobatics was Perfetly performed!!
During Flight i have got overloads up to 7G, extremely exciting!

After time you really need time to realize all what you have seen and felt! Realize all emotions!!!
It is really difficult to describe all feelings!

I was very happy that i didi it, and that everything was perfect during my trip!

Russia is fascinating country with nice people and rare sights! You should visit it by yourself and feel it atmosphere!

Thanks for everything to "Space Tourism Ltd" and all staff of airbase "Sokol"!