Amazing launch of spaceship in Baikonur, July 2017

tourists from different countries
Photo on verticalization of Soyuz
Roll-out of spaceship Soyuz
Photo after verticalization of Soyuz
 Energia-Buran museum
Cosmonauts (second team)

It was so big pleasure to meet you and join the Baikonur tour. I am still so much impressed by what I saw during my visit to the spaceport and especially by the space rocket launch. It was so quickly over!
I felt that everything was ready for my trip, and all upfront communication with your company “Country of Space Tourism” was comprehensive and constant. I joined the group weeks after travelling all over Kazakhstan, and the tour was very well organized and conducted. Baikonur is a large launching complex, very impressive and the professional guides told a lot of interesting about a spaceport. We were among the first civil tourists, that were able to attend command center, from which a launch of “Buran-Energia” rocket was operated.
The cosmodrome itself - while being the largest on the planet – is so stunning! But the ultimate highlight of the tour, with no doubt, was a launch of space ship!
Thank you for these wonderful memories!
Andreas Beutelspacher

"I joined the tourist trip to Baikonour with Country Of Space Tourism to participate in the manned launch of the Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station in July 2017. The trip was fantastic for a space enthusiast, with the chance to observe a manned launch from just 1.4km (one mile) away being the cherry on the cake, but the whole week was fascinating, seeing two fantastic museums documenting Russia's extraordinary voyages beyond Earth since the 1950s, a Buran shuttle mock up, much of the Cosmodrome, a mission control, and the journey of the Soyuz rocket from the assembly building to the launch pad. The access was incredible and more than I hoped for. Our guide Victoria was wonderful and I was sad to say goodbye. This tour is recommended to anyone with an interest in space, aviation, Russia and exploration. Thank you!"
Feedback offered in the spirit of friendship and with gratitude for a fantastic trip. By the end of the week I thought of you as a friend and I was sorry to say goodbye. Thank you again! Charlie xx

Charles Kennedy

United Kingdom

Great event i really like launch on Baikonur! It was exciting! Thank you

Julian Nowill
United Kingdom

I really enjoy the tour to Baikonur. It was so much interesting information about space, and life in Baikonur. But most interesting was to feel how ground is trembling under you, when rocket is take- off. Amazing view of flying rocket,with this light in the air! I wish to see it again!

Sarah Pell