Impressions of our tourists from USA about trip in Russia, Moscow

Dianne & Kevin Hollenbeck

We are back home after our wonderful visit to Russia. We sincerely enjoyed the time we spent in Moscow...
had dinner in Red Square on two different evenings, and did see Red Square at night.
The boat tour did a great job of orienting us, giving us a general idea of where everything was and helping us decide exactly which sights we wanted to see.

I think what we enjoyed most about our visit was meeting the people and learning so much about your history.
We're now able to appreciate a little better the challenges your people and country face as your government becomes less centralized, and we hope that your country finds the balance that is exactly right for your people.

I have attached 4 photos for you to enjoy. 1649 is a picture of you and Kevin.  1674 is a picture of Kevin and me on the boat taken by Tatyana. 1690 is a picture of Kevin standing on the brass plaque at Kilometre Zero. 1691 is a picture of Tatyana and Kevin at the end of our day. We want to thank you for your gracious assistance on our first day in Moscow. We enjoyed meeting you and appreciated your escorting us to the boat tour. Tatyana was an excellent guide and we very much enjoyed our time with her. 

We felt very welcome in your country and hope we'll have a chance to visit again.

With every best wish for the future, Kevin and Dianne Hollenbeck