Emotions from Air Show MAKS - 2015 of happy tourist from Switzerland



I would like to thank for the super organization. It was fun with you. Nadezhda us all super explained and well taken care of us. On the excursion to the submarine we hattem lots of fun.
The MAKS AIR SHOW was very impressive. So an airshow I had never seen. The flying skills are unique, something you can not see somehwere else. Knew far the ILA in Berlin and of course our Swiss Air Force. But what I saw was gigantic, the SU-50 is one of the finest aircraft. I wish our army would procure such as our FA / 18 soon retired.

Moscow is now one of my best experiences, we felt really comfortable and safe. I regret that we were really just as short in Moscow. We would like to stay longer, there is so much to see.
But at least I have met one of my longest wishes to come to Moscow.

It saddens me that so many people have a bad impression of Russia. Only the already some of my colleagues had no understanding that we come to Moscow. Now I'm going to convince them how great it is with you, and "Space Tourism Ltd" recommended.

I hope there is a reunion. Who knows, if I get the money together, I'm going to treat myself to a flight in MIG-29 But we certainly come back one time.

Greetings from Switzerland Daniel & Adele