Wonderful 50th Anniversary of British tourist in MiG-29 Flight to Stratosphere!

Caroline and Steve
United Kingdom
Photo in cockpit during Stratosphere Flight in MiG-29
Photo with pilot near MiG-29
Photo in Moscow Sightseeing tour before going for MiG29 Flight
View from Cockpit of MiG-29 Flight
Photo after landing in cockpit of MiG-29 Flight

I saw in internet that I could fly to the 'Edge of Space' as one of the Top10 Adventures in the World!
I wanted to do something AMAZING for my 50th Birthday and was really excited at the thought of travelling in a MiG-29 at high speed and at that height!!
Living in England, at the beginning of the year there was a lot of unsettling news about the relationship between our two countries over the Ukraine and I had talked myself out of it. We usually book through a UK Travel Agent and were a little worried booking everything over the internet. However, Caroline had gone into the website and started talking to Victoria in real time via a pop up messenger and she answered all her questions and kept reassuring us. We signed the agreement and sent the money and she arranged everything.
I was still a little skeptical, but seeing Katerina at the Airport in Moscow, I was reassured, everything then fell into place. She greeted me with roses which was a really nice touch and was really great helping us. Katerina even spent her evening showing us around the beautiful Moscow Metro as we was curious to see it.
The Moscow sightseeing Tour was very well organized and we were taken back with the city's historic sights and the friendly people within. Our meals that were included showed us how tasty Russian food can be and in charming surroundings. The train journey was well arranged and very pleasant.
I was so pleased that Katerina was able to arrange his MIG-29 flight on his actual Birthday!!
With excitement we travelled to the "Sokol" Airbase. We were treated like royalty! My camera man and interpreter following me everywhere to capture every moment. Caroline was more nervous than Me. Sergey, the Pilot, was very professional, explaining everything that would happen and how they would carry out the flight to the Stratosphere. Even performing the Aerobatics so that Caroline could see and experience them from the ground.
Nizhniy Novgorod was another fascinating town. Our tour was again very well organized and with another enthusiastic guide, showing us the highlights and history. We did not realize that the town had only in recent years opened up to foreign tourists, and glad it had.
Too soon it was back to Moscow, but escorted all the way by Katerina. We did not know that we would have such five star treatment. Even Alexander our driver in Moscow took care that we arrived to the Airport on time.
We returned home on a high!!
With wonderful presents from everyone and magnificent memories that we will not forget.

Kind regards,
Caroline and Steve