Impressions of excited tourists after tour to Baikonur for Launches of Proton & Soyuz spaceships, Septetmber 2017.

Different tourists
different countries
Photo near Proton launchsite
Photo on Proton Launchsite
Photo in Energia-Buran bunker
Photo with backup crew of cosmonauts
Photo on verticalization of Soyuz
Photo after verticalization of Soyuz. Gagarin's launchpad

There is always a question at the back of my mind that Why and How a man can go to space since my childhood. For so many years I keep on finding answers. The more I know, more questions raised and I want to know more.
It was so good that the " Country of Space Tourism " had given me a chance to visit Baikonur. The city where the spaceport that put the first satellite Sputnik and first human Yuri Gagarin into space. I also had a chance to visit Buran spaceship and it's control centre, Korolyov and Gagarin memorial houses, Baikonur spaceport history museum, International SpaceSchool, RKK "Energia" processing facility, different rocket launch pads and most of all to watch the launch of the "Proton" rocket and "Soyuz" rocket carrier.
All these program were so well planned and organised. The only thing pity is "Time was limited". May be that is the calling from Baikonur to me : Welcome back ! Will back again.

Peter L.
Director of Space Society
Honk Kong

Huge thanks to all the staff agency "Country of Space Tourism" not only for positive emotions, interesting and informative facts that we saw at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. But most important, for a smooth and well-organized work! Throughout the trip, since the airport in Moscow, we had not met with any difficulties and confusions.I would like to express special gratitude to Sergey,manager of your company, who was not only responsible for organization, taking care that all that was planned have been managed, he was attentive to each tourist, but also he was the soul of our friendly and international company, our company become a small family. Thank you, guys, for your work, for an unforgettable experience! Thanks to you, I realized that dreams really are being implemented!!!

Olga S.