Sky "health history" and MiG-29 Flight treatment course

Alexander Nesterenko
Alexander Nesterenko between the jet engines
Certificate with all flight parameters is given to each tourist

Wished to fly since childhood....

I fly for a long time and regularly (several times a month), but ordinary passenger flights....
The jet fighter flight, I certainly wanted to, but somehow very theoretically - could not even imagine that it's possible.
About a year or two ago information that flight in MIG-29 is possible flashed somewhere!
In the autumn 2013. I contacted the company "Space Tourism LTD", clarified the details... and did not shelve it!
Flight impression can be described in one meaty Russian word ................, but it is censored. Today is the third day after the Flight, but the awareness of what happened, the emotions are still “catching up”....
Lots of thanks to the senior test pilot Yuri Polyakov, the team at the "Sokol" airbase and the company "Space Tourism LTD", which organized this unreal and unique flight!!!

P.S. for those who are planning and have some doubts - Take your time... one never knows, when someone from the “very smart” and “high” leading authorities attend to forbid such touristic Flights and you may simply have no time...