Fishing in Baikal Lake

Fishing has existed since ancient times and was the only way to survive in the wild. Now, because of technological progress, our lives have become easier and safer. Still, fishing has acquired a new meaning as a hobby. Also fishing ties with nature, and it is said that it helps a man to feel "at one with nature."

For lovers of adrenaline along with anyone wishing to see nature in the raw, we our a fishing tour in Lake Baikal. There is nothing like the thrill of suddenly having that tug on the line, followed by a struggle to land the fighting entity on the end of your rod or line… you are about to land your first catch in the world’s biggest fresh-water lake.

You will really be able to appreciate a natural treasure such as lake Baikal (which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.). It is a really breathtaking sight, surrounded by high mountains, forests and cascading rivers and absolutely clear water. Like no other lake in the world it has the richest animal and plant specimens.

Fed by no less than 336 rivers and streams including the large the Angara, Barguzin, Selenga, Turka and Snezhnaya rivers, the Lake Baikal holds fifty species of fish, including valuable bullhead, sturgeon and omul. In the mountain rivers you can go fishing for taimen (Siberian sturgeon), kharius (grayling), lenok (Siberian trout) and a much more.

Lake Baikal is said to be a real paradise for any fisherman as they can enjoy fishing nearly anywhere on the lake.

We would love to offer you our fishing tour that would allow you to enjoy a complete Baikal fishing experience in one single tour. You will be accompanied by an experience guide who will help you broaden your knowledge of fishing, tackle, lures and lines, how to hunt and other interesting things. You should not be disappointed afterwards. Our company guarantee only three main tour options: a picturesque place, suitable living conditions and the main one – interesting fishing!

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