Birthplace of Valery Chkalov

pilot's father
chkalov house


It is impossible to imagine Russian aviation history without Valery Chkalov. This name became world famous after his non-stop flight from the USSR via the North Pole to Vancouver, USA! We invite you to the Chkalov Memorial House, which is where he was born in 1904. The house was built in 1896, by the legendary pilot's father.

The first room of this museum, is the former Chkalov family kitchen and is dedicated to Valery's childhood and youth. You will see Valery's belongings, such as his school bag, brass cup, a lotto game (which he enjoyed playing) and a sledge. There are pictures of Valery's parents, his teachers and the school on the walls. There is a section of the explanation which tells us about the years he studied in Cherepovets technical school.

The museum managed to collect some exhibits regarding this period of his life: a photo of his school teachers, the technical school building, its grounds and a photo of the steamship "Bayan." The "Bayan" played an important role in Chkalov's life – he saw, for the first time, a seaplane flying over the Volga from this steamship. How, later, he explained that his dream of flight was born at that very moment. Also you will see Chkalov's actual flying helmet which he wore during his first flight. Exhibits of the next room tell us about Chkalov's studies and army service. You will see the damaged cylinder from his engine and a flight map with the authentic and original routes written by Chkalov's hand. The next room is specially reserved for the legendary Chkalov non-stop flights. Chkalov's flying suit in which both flights were made, his lighter, pipe and penknife are all there. The last room of this museum describes Valery's last days. You can see his flying suit he wore on his last flight as well as the unopened parachute. There are photos of this courageous pilot's funeral on the walls.

Also you will see a collection of planes such as the ANT-25, I-16, I-17 and U-2 (other name Po-2).

The tour in Chkalov Memorial House takes approximately 2 hours.

The Chkalov Museum tour program includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • The Chkalov Museum guide;
  • Tour in the Chkalov museum.

N.B. - We can arrange transport to museum, if needed (97 km from Nizhny Novgorod).


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