Russian troika

Russian troika
troika in Russia
Russian troika ride


If you are tired of big city, cars, people and you want to feel something new, unusual and exciting ... you should have this experience, experience of troika ride!

Russian troika – it's the old way of Russian harness driving combination. This combination allowed horses to increase the speed and to transport heavy things. Russian troika consists of
3 horses (central horse is “Korennik” and two side horses).

The history of Russian troika was born nearly two hundred years ago. It was a very expensive amusement. The main users of “russian troika” were people, who were in need of fast locomotion(fire-brigade, doctors, postmen and of course rich people). Also “Russian troika”- was one of the main things in different public holidays.
We offer you the organization of very interesting and unforgettable day. The troika ride in Moscow park will be a very good present for your friends or relatives.
Don't miss your chance! Believe us, you'll have a very good impression. Who knows..maybe someday you'll decide to acguire your personal “russian troika”!

The tour will take approximately 1,5 hours.

The price of the tour is 780 Euro for the group of 1-4 persons.

Tour program includes:

  • The accompanying from our company
  • The preparation of horses and kick-sleds
  • Coachman services
  • Provision of warm coats and blankets

More options:

  • Hot coffee and tea
  • The sandwiches with red caviar (and another ingredients)
  • Strong drinks


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