The Novodevishy Monastery Excursion (New Maiden Convent)


Russian history has numerous connections with religion. The monasteries used to play very important roles in previous generations’ lives and were religious centers which also protected the city from any enemies. The Novodevichy monastery or New Maiden Convent is a fine example of this. It was founded by the Great Tsar, Vasily III, and initially, was both a religious institution and a fortress at the same time. The proof being the monastery’s strong walls and 12 battlement towers.

Anyone who comes to Moscow should not miss the opportunity of visiting the New Maiden Convent, that is rightfully said to be one of Russia’s most stunning monasteries and very pleasing to the eye because of its white colored battlement walls and golden domes.

This monastery is probably the best example of architecture of the period between 16th and 19th centuries and occupies the land of a convent that used to be a nunnery for ladies of noble birth. It is set in a quiet Moscow suburb, possible to reach in a 5-minute walk from Luzhniki Sports Stadium. Many find it a pleasure to stroll in the monastery during the warm summer months or even during the snowy winter months.

The convent is associated with the major historic events, in Russia, such as rivalry for the throne between Peter the Great and his sister Princess Sophia, who was sent to the monastery after being conquered. The events of the 1812 war are also connected with this monastery.

The area is also known for its cemetery, where many celebrated Russian people are buried. The New Maiden cemetery was initially used as the burial place for Moscow's rulers and officials of the church. During the course of time, it started to be used as a cemetery for Russia's intellectuals and merchants, and, in the 20th century, it became a cemetery for many of the Soviet Union's most well-known citizens. At the present time, there are tombs of numerous people like authors, poets, playwrights, as well as political leaders, actors and scientists. There are now, more than 27,000 buried at the Novodevichy monastery.

A visit to this monastery will assist you to acquire essential information about Russia and its wonderful culture and architecture!

The tour takes approximately 1,5 hours.

Price per person in EURO

1 person 2 persons 3-4 people 5-6 people 7-9 people 10-12 people 13-16 people
105 euro 65 euro 40 euro 35 euro 30 euro 25 euro 20 euro

The tour program includes:

  • Entrance tickets;
  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Monastery guide;
  • Tour round the Monastery.

N.B. We can arrange transportation to museum if needed (extra charge).

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