Moscow Boat Trip

Boat trip in Moscow
Moscow Boat Trip
Moscow Boat Trip


Moscow is a large city and in order to see many landmarks, it necessitates travelling by car. But it is not that easy to negotiate the traffic jams, road blocks, one-way systems that defy logic. The atmosphere is possibly the strongest deterrent of all, with smells of diesel and gasoline and general automotive fumes. An alternative is to take a boat trip on the Moskva River, the kind of transport that has been used since ancient times and still popular with the tourists today.

These Moscow River boat trips offer a great opportunity to see many of the city's most interesting sights, while enjoying a quiet and relaxing ride. The water is not commonly used as a method of discovering many of the city’s sights and secluded places.

As a result, we strongly recommend this kind of method to you! Join us on a boat trip on the Moskva River to see the city from another view-point. Our guide will accompany you and give you explanations of the various sights and places during the trip. From the river-front you will see the imposing towers and walls of Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior with your own eyes, a huge and, perhaps, somewhat formidable statue on a ship dedicated to Peter the Great, House of Artists, the famous Gorky Park amusement park of the Soviet era, St. Andrew’s Monastery, the massive Stalin-style building of Moscow State University, which is one of the seven-sisters. These are the "wedding-cake" styled buildings that "ring" the center of Moscow.

You may choose to sit inside or out on-deck depending on your preference. You may also, if you wish, visit the luxurious onboard restaurant with Russian and Mediterranean cuisine prepared qualified chiefs.

Inside the restaurant you will see Italian glass windows, wonderful marble floors and crystal chandeliers that all help create a luxurious atmosphere. To make your stay onboard even more pleasant jazz music will float through the air-waves as you are moving through the water-waves of the Moscow River.

Price 2014

1 person 2 persons 3-4 people 5-6 people 7-9 people 10-12 people 13-16 people
115 euro 65 euro 50 euro 40 euro 35 euro 30 euro 25 euro


1. Entrance tickets for the Boat trip on the Moscow river.

We can provide you entrance tickets for the Boat trip or reserve them for your convenience in advance!

2. Boat trip on the Moscow river with a guide.

Our guide will accompany you and give you explanations of the various sights and places during the trip. You will see Moscow from unusual side and our professional tour guides will tell you the most interesting and exciting stories about Moscow city!

3. Boat and ship rent.

Our company offers you to rent boats of different types for different purposes.

We offer boats:

- For any number of people.
- For any hours (from hour).
- Any route on Moscow river.

Note: These tours are only available during the warmer weather between the months of May & October, as the river is either partially or sometimes completely frozen over in winter.

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