Arkhangelskoye Estate


For those wishing to have a pleasant walk in the charming Arkhangelskoye Estate and marvel at the wonderful architecture and natural surrounds, we would like to suggest another masterpiece of stately architecture namely the State Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum.

Apart from being picturesque estate like all the others, this one is famous for its unique and exquisite collection of fine art objects such as paintings, sculptures, its interior and furniture.

Arkhangelskoye Estate is situated twenty kilometers west of Moscow. It belonged to Princes Golitsyn, but the much of it was added later, when the Prince Nikolai Yusupov was the estate owner. At that time the estate acquired the position of becoming the most popular centre of Moscow’s high life. Among the Arkhangelskoye visitors were royal families, nobility, well-known poets, writers and politicians.

Arkhangelskoye Estate is now open to everyone who wishes to visit. We have created a very interesting tour including visits to the Great Palace, the Church of Archangel Mikhail, Unique Theatre, the burial-vault "The Colonnade" and the old 18th century park.

Constructed by a French architect, The Great Palace is graced with a huge arched entrance set off by a tracery cast-iron railing that leads to the gala yard.

You will have an unequalled opportunity to appreciate the 18th century park that was built approximately the same time as the Great Palace. You will see the terraces of the park, that are decorated by delightful statues, exquisite vases and busts. Everything in the park was designed by Italian architects. To the east of the park, the famous Pink Fountain pergola can be seen. Large conservatories and homes used to be in the southern part of the park.

The Archangelskoye Estate now contains valuable collections of paintings, engravings, wonderful sculptures and applied art between the 17th and 19th centuries. There is also a huge collection of rare books with about 16,000 volumes.

Don’t hesitate to join us, and walk with us, past the beautiful monuments or even listen to a concert of classical music.

The tour will take approximately 6 hours.

Price per person in EURO

1person 2 persons 3-4 people 5-6 people 7-9 people 10-12 people 13-14 people
400 euro 210 euro 140 euro 85 euro 65 euro 45 euro 40 euro

Price includes:

  • Entrance tickets to all museums;
  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Guide in the estate;
  • Tour in the estate (Great Palace, the Church of Archangel Mikhail, Unique Theatre, the burial-vault "The Colonnade" and the old 18th century park).
  • Transportation to the estate (20 km outside of Moscow).

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