Successful flights in the Zero-gravity conditions, organised in the middle of Spring - April 2019.

Zero gravity IL-76
Zero-Gravity in Russia
Lutz Schonfeld in Zero-G
zero-gravity flights in Moscow

According to the tradition, in the most "cosmic" month of the year - April, we organises two flight sin the Zero-gravity environment for the mixed groups on the special airplane-laboratory IL-76 MDK.

This time our tourists - admirers of space exploration, were set into the Russian and international group, each consisting of 14 adventurers.

Russian team arrived on the 25th of April for the preflight preparations, following which was sent straightaway to the airport, where magnificent "Ilyusha" airplane was waiting for them.

Sky, full of sun light, was providing good mood for the tourists. On the board of an airplane the preflight instructions were given to the tourists,including the fitting of parachutes.

At 17:00 airplane was ready for the take-off. The flight was one hour and twenty minutes long. During the flight our tourists experienced 10 regimes of zero-gravity.

Everybody received great moments to remember. The experience of gravity does not go well with everybody. For some it offered a certain amount of pressure for the organism. But for the most participants the flight brought joyful emotions, incomparable to any other possible adventures on our planet.
Meanwhile, on the same day, our international group was going through preliminary preparations in the cosmonauts' training centre and was getting ready for the flight on the 26th of April, on which the flight was scheduled for 10:00.
This was the group of our constant clients - lovers of extreme space adventures and admirers of Russian aviation. These people specially came to Russia to take part in the flight of retro airplanes. For sure, they couldn't miss Il-76 MDK with 10 regimes Zero-gravity effect. Being organisers we would like to point out that all the members of the flight could experience space-like zero-gravity environment, which can usually be felt on the Earth's orbit. But the main idea is that our admirers of space get to experience unique feelings and emotions - the ones that are not to be ever forgotten!