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3 day Tour in Moscow


Day 1:

Here starts your vacations in Moscow. On completing customs, you will be met by our travel agency representative speaking multiple languages. He/she will help you reach your hotel. You will be transfered to the place by a vehicle of any class (on request). This is how you start your holidays in Moscow and holidays in Russia.

A sightseeing tour of Moscow in our vehicle will be made for you. Your tour of Moscow will take approximately 3 hours. You will be demonstrated most prominent historic places like world-known Red Square and green area of Alexander Gardens. Walk along Manezh square. Then you will drive past Sophia embankment the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and enjoy the incredible views of the Kremlin from Sophia embankment where the former British Embassy stands–itself and enjoy gorgeous looks of Kremlin, appreciate the size of the monument to Peter the Great and all charm of the House on the Embankment. Whole touring you will pass magnificent and world-renowned sites of Moscow as the Novodevishy Monastery with its Necropolis, a biggest cemetery of noted people. For sure the tremendous MGY building will impress you. Observation point at Sparrow Hills will open the view to all Moscow. A lot more of gorgeous places will be waiting for you! Among them there are Poklonnaya Hill, Kutuzov Avenue, New Arbat Street, Boulevard ring, and squares Theatre Square, Tverskaya Street and Pushkin Square. And remember that this is just the first day!

After reaching the hotel you will be helped to check-in. Then will have a great opportunity to taste Russian traditional food. Then you will be free until the following day to continue your exciting travel around Moscow.

Day 2:

There will be a substantial breakfast available to you at the hotel. Then while on holidays in Russia you will attend the biggest fortress of medieval time and at the same time cultural heart of Moscow, i.e. Kremlin. You travel assistant will arrange a meeting with guide who will show you beautiful Red Square. You will have an excursion made by our travel agency's travel guide inside the territory of Kremlin. You will have look at most important churches at Cathedral Square and check the collection of treasure items of Armory Chamber that were collected by tsars and patriarchs.

Then your will be transported to the hotel to have some free time.

In the evening to amuse you during your vacations in Russia we will offer as an options a 2 hour tour in bus through nighttime in Moscow. You can enjoy your time and see the most illuminated city of Europe in the flesh(starting at 11 pm).

Day 3:

This is the last day of your holidays in Moscow and tour in Russia. After breakfasting you are to check-out from the hotel.
You will not go straight to airport. Firstly, we will invite you to see another important landmark of Russian culture. You will walk through Old Arbat Street (that once heard Napolean’s footsteps echo along the cobbles), which, now, is a pedestrian zone with numerous cafes, restaurants, museums, theatres, shops).

Finishing excursion you will have a quick snack and then straight to the airport to depart from Russia. We would be very happy to know your opinions and feelings on your travel in Russia and vacations in Moscow.

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