Old Kremlin of Russian Tsars


If you want to know more about Russian history during the period of the Middle Ages, you certainly should visit the Kremlin of Russian Tsar which situated not very far from Moscow. This is the oldest state country-residence of the Moscow Tsars. Since December of 1513, this residence was a permanent residence of the Tsar, his Court and his family. During the 16th century, the Russian Tsar transferred it into a capital of the Russian state.

This Kremlin is surprisingly well-kept ancient Russian palace and a temple ensemble of the 16th century. Russian and Italian architects were involved in the Kremlin construction. The museum exhibition has been collected over the past 80 years.

There are several exhibitions are presented in different buildings of Tsar Kremlin.

"Tsar Court"

This shows the process of the court’s transfer to become the capital of the Russian state. The exhibition, opened in the 16th century palace, shows the royal dynasty of Russian Tsars, those who lived or visited it. There is Pokrovskaya Church – a house temple of the Tsar’s family, which is faced with white stone, with a fretted portal made by Italian masters. You will visit the dining chamber where the Russian Tsar had meetings with foreign ambassadors and boyars or ‘sub-princes.’ Also, you may go into the Tsar’s bedroom, decorated with Christian symbols and Russian Heathen traditions, where he spent his wedding-night. You will have chance to go down into medieval cellar, where executions and tortures took place. The images of an executioner with a victim, including the tools of torture describe a cruel atmosphere but it helps to understand life style of that period.

"Customs of Russian old times"

This exhibition tells about traditions of cooking and drinks in Russia during the 16th century. It gives an opportunity to feel how living in a provincial town during the 19th century, was, and to see a typical flat of any of the wealthy middle classes. The flat has a reconstructed interior, with real items of that time such as cloths, furniture and dishes.

The other part of this exhibition is committed to trading – commercial activities of the 19th and 20th centuries. You will visit the traditional shop of "typical hardware” merchant with the various goods, such as "home appliances" of that time - various Zinger’s (based on the famous Singer Sewing machine) sewing machines, irons, coal samovars and est.

The tour takes approximately 8 hours.

The tour program includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Entrance ticket;
  • Museum guide;
  • Tours in the museum;
  • Transportation to museum (100 km outside of Moscow)

N.B. : We can arrange lunch in cozy town restaurant, if needed.

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