Itinerary of Spaceflight Training Tour

First day:
After arriving in Moscow, you will be met inside the airport by our English speaking guide (or any other language you prefer). We will help you to check-in to your hotel. Then we shall take you on a Moscow city tour of Red Square, Alexander Gardens, Lenin’s Tomb, GUM Shopping Mall, The St. Basil Cathedral, New Convent, Poklonnaya Hill, "the White House" and the Arbat Area.

Second day:
After breakfast in your hotel, we shall drive you to Star City (40 minutes by car from Moscow), where you will have a tour round the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC). Following the tour, you will have an introductory presentation on the history of manned space-flight. After lunch, you will have your medical check. In the evening we will drive you back to your hotel.

Third day:
Breakfast again in your hotel, then we will take you to Star City. The morning starts off with Centrifuge training. It is the only proven way to fully test your readiness to go into outer space. After the Cosmonaut Training Centre Instructors brief you with full instructions relative to your Centrifuge training, you will be placed in the TsF-18 Centrifuge under three different conditions: 1) familiarization rotation (duration up to 3 minutes, max G-4 on torso); 2) flight to orbit (duration up to 9 minutes, max G-4 on torso); 3) descent of "Soyuz" space vehicle from Earth's artificial satellite orbit (duration up to 4 minutes, max G-4 on upper torso).

Then you will have lunch.

Later, in the afternoon you will receive training and a presentation on the space station simulator "Soyuz-TM." You will learn about the construction and assembly of the International Space Station (ISS). During your training inside "Soyuz-TM" simulator, you will be put inside your special suit (Sokol pressure suit) in the pilot’s seat of Soyuz spaceship. Your task will be to dock your space craft with the International Space Station ISS, but not computer-aided, only with joystick control. We will transport you back to your hotel.

Fourth day:
After having breakfast in your hotel, you will be taken to Star City. This day, you will spend in the unique Hydro-Space laboratory. To start with, you will be encased in special Orlan DMA Space Suit, which is used by cosmonauts to work in outer space, outside the space craft and space station. Then you will be placed about 10-12 meters deep into the Hydrolab tank, where large models of the International Space Station modules are. Your mission will be to leave the so called "Mock-Ups" of the ISS and, using the security-hook attached to a steel cable install a space antenna.

After lunch, you will continue to learn how to work in outer space. The Instructors will give you detailed information about the International Space Station. Then, using the "Vykhod-2" simulator, you will train to do cosmonaut’s work in outer space. Also, you will practice the basic skills of moving and maneuvering in outer space. On completion, we will drive you back to your hotel.

Fifth day:
After breakfast we will take you to Korolev City. There, you will have a tour round the Mission Control Center (MCC). You’ll learn its history, and about the work and structure of the MCC. You’ll be able to see the Flight Control Rooms of the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station. You’ll possibly have an opportunity to witness a communications session with the ISS crew.

After lunch you will have lecture on and actually practice survival in case of an emergency landing. The Instructors will tell you and show how to use the Soyuz spacecraft descent module capsule’s emergency equipment and finally, you will try Space food and learn how to cook it. After your star city training is completed you will receive a Personal Certificate. If you would like, we will organize dinner with specialists from Y. A. Gagarin Russian State Science Research Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City. Finally, we will take you back to your hotel.

Sixth day:
After breakfast in the hotel and check-out, we will drive you to Moscow International Airport "Sheremetyevo".