Itinerary of Landing Wood Survial

First day:

After arriving to Moscow you will be met in the airport by our guide (English speaking or any other languages you prefer). On the way to your hotel you will have a little excursion about places of interest you see. We will help you to accommodate in a hotel. Free time.

Second day:

After having breakfast we offer you Moscow city tour (Red Square, Alexander Gardens, Lenin’s Tomb, GUM Shopping Mall, The St. Basil Cathedral, New Convent, “White House”, Poklonnaya Hill, Arbat Area). After lunch in the city we will transfer you to Star City (40 minutes by car from Moscow), where you will have tour in the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC). You will see the complex of various technical means (TMCT), which are used on all stages of cosmonauts’ training for the flights and during the preflight events, such as Space flight conditions imitators (Hydrolab, Centrifuges, Pressure Chambers, Planetarium), Manned Space Vehicle Simulators, MSV and Onboard Systems Training Mockups, Flight Training Planes, Post Landing Activity Preparation Means. After coming back to Moscow you can have free time or by your choice we can arrange Night City Tour.

Third day:

After having breakfast in hotel we will drive you to Star City.

After short medical check and brief instruction you will be transfer to the forest not far from GCTC. You will stay with professional instructors in the forest learning how to survive in extreme conditions with limit of things. If you wish in the evening we will organize special dinner with specialist from GCTC. In the evening you will be back to hotel.

Fourth day:

After having breakfast in the hotel we will drive you to Airport «Sheremetyevo».

Note: If you want to check the abilities of your body we can offer 48 hours survival tour. You will spend night in the forest and will have incredible journey!