Trainings on the space simulators in the Star city for the foreign tourists from Belgium!

In the end of April we were visited by a group of friends from Belgium. They decided to spend the whole day in the Star city and go through special tests to feel like real-life cosmonauts.

For our dear guests we organised a complex of events on the space simulators, on which cosmonauts and astronauts are being trained before the flight into space.

In early morning on the scheduled day our guests arrived from Moscow to the Star city on the comfortable transfer organised by our company. The next stage was passport control as it is a military object, following which our group entered the technical territory of the Centre of cosmonauts’ training.

The program commenced with a detailed tour around the facilities of the centre, after which every tourist went through a medical check before the training on the simulators.

Practical part of the program on the simulators promised to be the most interesting:

Rotation on the centrifuge CF-7 (the so-called introductory rotation for 3 minutes with the gradual rise of G-force) for each participant. Session on the spacecraft Soyuz training the docking protocol with International Space Station (simultaneously two tourists could participate in the session). Fitting of authentic spacesuits was done with special photo set

At the end of this cosmic day we decided to feed our foreign guest with real-life space food that cosmonauts usually eat on board the International Space Station!

You can overview photos of how our foreign tourists spent an adventurous day in the Star by following the link in the in the photo album.