Space flight preparation of our tourist Rinat А. flying to stratosphere in MIG-29 on 31 October 2012 .

Space flight training
near MIG-29

Today 31 October our tourist Rinat A. had a flight to stratosphere in the aviation plant Sokol.
Rinat is an ordinary person who likes the sky and wishes to look at our Earth from the space some day. That is why he has planned a flight to the space to the low orbit together with the company Virgin Galactic ( ). It is a well-known fact that this company has been making experiments and preparations for the future space ship for tourists. And perhaps the first tourists will fly to the space to 101 km very soon.
Rinat is a participant for the future flights and he is in the list of the six hundreed tourists planned to the space flights.
That is why he decided to have a space training flight in MIG-29 to stratosphere to check his organism, to taste the feeling of the flight and to get unforgettablr impressions.
Despite of nasty weather and rains the flight took place and the tourist got a real pleasure from stratosphere, nice view of our Earth. And now he is absolutely sure that he is ready for the flight to the space like as tourist. And he can do it!