Unforgettable Mig-29 rides and tours in October

After flight photo with pilot
Foreign guests get acquainted with russian aircraft
Create your best impression

From October, 11 we've welcomed three more foreign guests. Two tourists from the USA and one from Australia used their chances to break sound barrier on the way to the Edge of Space, to observe the Earth from the incredible altitude, to experience G-force during aerobatic program.
All our guests also had tours in legendary Russian cities of Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow. Vernon Moo from Australia had the most informative tour program in both cities. Sparrow Hills with exciting breathtaking overall view on The Russian capital, Armory Chamber keeping the treasures of the great state and of cause the heart of Moscow- the Kremlin are the beautiful places where every tourist can see Russian history directly and make up full impression about our various country.
You also have a great opportunity to book the Edge of Space & Aerobatic flight in mig-29 and to get acquainted with Russia from the inside with our guided tours in Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod.