Siberians are conquering the stratosphere in MiG-29!

Ivan with his wife near MiG-29
With the pilot
Ready for the flight

On the 25th of January, 2012 the company "Country of Tourism" organized another MiG-29 flight to the "Edge of Space" for a tourist in the season 2012.
Our tourist Shestak Ivan was presented with the unique adventure by his wife and friends for his anniversary.
Ivan was always dreaming of such an adventure, and finally the dream came true.
During the flight in MiG-29 fighter our tourist got a lot of positive emotions and impressions.
his wife and friends got the truly pleasure too. They watched the aerobatic maneuvers that were performed directly over the airfield.
Beauty, power and splendor of a modern MiG-29 fighter impressed all the guests.
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We remind you that you can make a present for your friends, relatives and just coworkers of MiG-29 flight in Russia! Fly with us!