Opening the New Season of Jet Flights in the Spring and Summer of 2018!

Jetfighter flight
Flying the L-39 jet airplanes
cockpit of jet airplane L-39 Albatros
L-39 jetfighter

We warmly welcome you to spend an unforgettable weekend in the cockpit of jet airplane L-39 Albatros!

This tour is specially designated for those who look forward to experience new emotions and adrenaline rush from the thrilling pilotage.

You can feel yourself completely safe - training flights with tourists are being operated by the medal-honored pilots of Russian Federation. With our assistance we can organize a flight for you at any day of the week. You can attend flight individually or in the company from 2 to 15 persons. Paired flights would also be a great solution for a fantastic weekend. Options and prices of flight programmes are all available on the page of our web site – Flights on L-29, L-39.

If you have guests of Football World Championship invite them to experience the might of the Russian aviation flying the L-39 jet airplanes. Flights take off from the airport located just 200 km away from Moscow.

Passenger ticket for L-39 would be a great birthday present. By your request we can make a special - Gift Certificate for the Flight.

On the picture above you can see a happy tourist who received such present from his wife! Man attended the airfield with his wife and son, who supported him and shared his joy. Flight met all of his expectations, but he told us that 30 minutes were not enough for him.