We started Fighter Jet Rides for tourists - season 2012!

Swiss tourists and the whole flying team
Near MiG-29 Jet Fighter
Updated MiG-29
Flight certificate
After the Flight in MiG-29
Fly MiG-29 in Russia

Today, on January 23, 2012 the first two tourists from Switzerland flew into the stratosphere in MiG-29 with our company Country of Tourism! Father and son made unique flights in the modern Russian MiG-29 fighter and opened the flight season 2012! The weather was great, and frost did not spoil our guests` impressions of this unique adventure in Russia! In addition, our guests flew upgraded MiG-29 that was painted 2 weeks ago! Now the outlook of the jet is perfect and beautiful! Our guests have made the flight into the stratosphere within the 5-day tour to Russia that we offer for those who want to fly in the Russian fighter. Their impressions of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod are the best! And Swiss tell only the truth ... We hope, dear friends, that you are planning flying MiG-29 in your holidays 2012 and begin to reserve it now, because you need 2-3 months to obtain the necessary permits for your flight. You are welcome! This is a unique Adventure!