More options for Military Adventures in Russia!

Dear friends!
We want to please all of you with the stunning news. On June 18, 2012 we opened our summer season – Tank Rides!
On this day the family from the UK took part in incredible military adventures!

This year our possibilities in organizing military adventures have become wider.
Along with riding on a tank, we are pleased to offer riding motorcycles, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, a Jeep Willys. All these vehicles of the World War II times.
However, our tourists have the opportunity to shoot a weapon of that time too: PPSh, a machine gun Degtyarev, Mosin rifle, and many others.
In the tour was included a fascinating visit to military-technical museum, where are the samples of military equipment since World War II and the present time. In the end, we offer our tourists a field kitchen: a soldier's porridge, fruit compote, a real Russian samovar.

Dear friends who are planning to visit Russia!
We invite you to participate in the unique tour – Tank Rides.
We want you to get the most exciting impressions!