19 December 2012 our tourists from Finland came to the Cosmodrome Baikonur to see the launch of the spacecraft «Soyuz ТМА-07М».

the launch of Soyuz in Cosmodrome Baikonur
the launch of Soyuz in Baikonur

Great! Well done!
Our foreign tourists took part in the unique tour to the Cosmodrome Baikonur again.

That was fantastic! For the last half year our foreign tourists could not take part in the tour as the dates of launches changed unexpectedly for many times.

We are looking forward to see our tourists in Moscow again and to listen to their impressions. They have not come back from Baikonur yet but we were informed that they had got lots of positive impressions. It will be a high-light of the year for them!
The 19th of December was a very cold day in Kazakhstan. But it did not hinder to enjoy the tour!

An interesting fact! The link up of Soyuz to МКS has been planned for so-called «The Day of the End of the World» - 21 December 2012.

We are sure the astronauts don't worry about this event and feel comfortably and safe.

The crew of astronauts:
Roman Romanenko – Russia
Chris Hatfield – Canada
Thomas Marshbern – the USA

We wish them good luck and a successful flight.

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Schedule of next Manned Space Crafts' Launches for 2013:

- 28 March 2013.
- 28 May 2013.
- 25 September 2013.
- 25 November 2013.