EXTREME EXPEDITION: SOYUZ TMA LANDING TOUR! Experience the atmosphere of an event of a lifetime!!!

Dear friends!
Our company, as a tour operator of Aero and Space tourism, is collecting a group for Extreme adventure: Soyuz TMA landing tour!
It is shcheduled on May, 2012.
Approximate dates of the unique VIP Tour: May 14-May 17, 2012.

The schedule for the next tours in 2012:
- September;
- November.

The tour program of  the Extreme  Expedition: Soyuz TMA landing tour in May 16, 2012>>>
Photo gallery of our  Extreme  Expeditions: Soyuz TMA landing tour >>>

We offer VIP Adventure - witness the amazing event!

Our customers:
- Fans and experts on Space and Aviation;
- Adventurous and active holidays;
- The staff of big companies and corporations;
- Advertising and branding company.