Launch on Baikonur 28, of July! Amazing adventure which need to join!

This time for our tour to Baikonur joined really huge amount of tourists. Launch was on 28th of July! This time weather was really hot, imagine +45, not usual temperature even fro Kazakhstan!But anyway, arrived hundred of tourists.
One of the most big our groups, was children from different cities of Russia! More than 120 children consist in children movement. This movement collect children from all of Russia, and brought them to Baikonur. These children were really to come for this launch, because their leader is Russia Cosmonaut - Sergey Ryazanskiy, who flew to ISS Station on 28th of July. So they was happy to meet their leader.

But also we has got group of tourists from different countries such as Germany, Australia, USA, Great Britain, and they joined this tour with different purpose: someone was travel around Asia, and wish to see the Launch of spaceship, another comes to see launch of friend - cosmonaut Paolo Nespoli and so on. But all them united by wish to visit Launch of spaceship on Baikonur.
Read impressions of tourists.


We are waiting for you on next tour 8-13 of September 2017!