Famous Singer Sarah Brightman go to Space 1st September! Join our tour to Baikonur Manned Launch of Space Ship and see how Sarah Brightman will go

Launch of Spaceship in Baikonur
Sarah Brightman going to Space
Cosmonauts in Baikonur

Famous singer Sarah Brightman is going to go into space on September 1st in order to sing songs there.
Sarah Brightman is undergoing 16 hours of training a day in Moscow in Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre.
This includes four hours Russian language classes, weightlessness and G-force simulations, and engineering tests.
It is estimated her extra-terrestrial trip will cost more than £34 million! She will be the eighth space tourist and you can be a witness to this event!
She will be blasted into space along with two other cosmonauts.
Singer will spend 10 days on the space station before returning to Earth.
She is also hoping to sing a song she wrote for the trip while in space

It also includes being thrown around inside a machine called a Centrifuge at high speeds to adjust to the varying levels of G force the journey into space involves.

Trainings falls into three phases, which will last until the mission blasts off in September. These are General Space Training, Group Training, and Crew Training.

General Space Training: This starts up to five years before the mission and involves survival training and a final exam.

Group Training: During the Group Training phase, cosmonauts focus on learning about the Soyuz and ISS.

Crew Training: The final Crew Training phase then covers detailed vehicle operations procedures, ISS training, and English language.

At the Yuri Gagarin Centre the training is broken into a further four sections: Simulators, Weightless environment training facility and a so-called 'Hydro Lab', Centrifuge and Flying Laboratories.

We welcome your join the tour for a Manned Launch of Space Craft "Soyuz" which is scheduled for September 1, 2015! Information about tour program in our website Tour to Baikonur Launch of Space ship

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Welcome to Baikonur Manned Lauch of Space Ship! Enjoy it! Tour to Baikonur

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