Great tour to Baikonur in September with 2 Launches of spaceships Soyuz and Proton!

Our group of tourists on Gagarinskiy launchpad
Our tourists with backup cream of cosmonauts
Verticalization of Soyuz
Roll-out of Soyuz

13th of September was launch of spaceship Soyuz MC-06 with crew of cosmonauts: Misurkin Alexander (Russia), Mark Vande Hai(USA) and Josef Akaba (USA). And we again visit this exciting event with group of our tourists. It was friendly group from different countries: Russia, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Hong Kong. This time tour was really unique, because we have got opportunity to see 2 launches of spaceships. Fortunatelly for tourists, we was allowed to see launch of Proton spaceship on 11th of September. Tourists was standing on safe distance about 8 km, but anyway, trembling from the earth and light of fire from engines was good seen from Proton spaceship. But anyway, the most exciting and interesting was to see real cosmonauts going to spaceship and leaving to ISS station.