We start collecting the group for 17 of December Launch of Soyuz MC-07! Join us!

Soyuz spaceship after verticalization
Cosmonauts going for spaceship
Vericalization of Soyuz

We start collect the group for launch on Soyuz MC-07 for 17 of December.
Crew of cosmonauts consist of: Anton Shkaplerov (Russia),Scott D. Tingle (USA), Norishige Kanai (Japan).
You could become an eyewitness of roll-out of Soyuz spaceship, farewell of cosmonauts to space, see by yourself launchpads, control center-bunker of Energia-Buran spaceship, to know more about space technologies, histroy of cosmonautics, and visit closed city Baikonur, which is not able to visit for usual people. Secrets are always excited!
But of course , all tourists want to see by themselves how spaceship Soyuz will fly to space! Feel trembling of the ground under yourself and amazing view of leaving spaceship in the sky. You want to be part of this unforgettable event? Send us your documents to email! Make booking of tour which you will never forget!