Our AIR SHOW MAKS 2017 tour have been finished!

This year, traditionally for our company, we organize a tour for International Airshow MAKS -2017.
Airshow took place from 17-23 of July 2017. We collect several international groups totally is 50 people. We have got tourists from Switzerland, Italy, China,Netherlands, Australia,Usa, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong. Our tourists enjoy visiting of jets and planes exhibition on Airshow Maks, airshow itself. This time on airshow was big pavillion dedicated to space technologies and big exhibition of military machines. It was new flying team from Iran, who excited everyone by their wonderful and colourful show! All sky was painted by colours of iraning flag, after maneuvres of their jets. Really wonderful performance.

Next time, Airshow MAKS will be in 2019, and we will organize our tour again. It is one of the biggest airshows in the world. So, if you still haven't been there, it could be a good journey to Moscow and Airshow MAKS-2019!