Zero-gravity flights in Russia. Country of Space Tourism organised Zero-gravity flights.

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We have successfully organised corporate event in Zero-gravity conditions for the geological engineers. Ten members of the flight arrived from Saint-Petersburg, went through pre-flight procedures, got their approval and experienced 10 regimes of real weightlessstate. We would like to point out one of the most active members of the group – woman who decided to fly on the broom. All the participants received fantastic emotions memories of which will stay with them. You can check out photo report about this wonderful corporate in Zero-G in our photo gallery of space adventures.

The next Zero-gravity flight took place on the 13thand 14thof December. It was full of fun due to a variety of proposals of the group members!))

Some tourists had their child dreams of experiencing zero-G conditions come true. Others originally wished to go straight into space, but were not able to save enough money and thus decided to take the flight into zero-gravity environment)) Particular tourists got this flight as a present for their birthday. There was also a person who decided to advertise his product in such cosmic conditions. It will be decent to say that everybody came in search of new experience and adventures. One of the group members was eager to make triple somersault, which he actually did! There were real sportsmen who took 25 kg kettlebell with them on board the airplane. To be honest, this is the first kettlebell which made into zero-G)

We also tried to squeeze water out of duster in the conditions of zero-G. We were carrying out experiments with water in order to observe the way water molecules interact in gravity free state. Even vodka-gel, specially prepared for the cosmonauts, was tasted during the flight.

Upcoming celebrations of Christmas and New Year inspired our group members to bring champagne and set of mandarins on board according to Russian tradition. During the last regimes of zero-gravity bottle of champagnes were opened to celebrate a successful flight!

Famous bloggers of the Russian Internet were present there, as well as the founder of 55 internet companies Oscar Hartman, who happens to be Russian born German. Oscar was supported by his friends and subscribers who happen active and very interesting people.

Here you can find a detailed photo set about this flight in Zero-G.

We are sure that every participant of these mentioned flight will never forget year 2018! They all went through a unique cosmic experience on board of the grand and beautiful airplane-laboratory IL-76 MDK with 10 regimes of weightlessness representing conditions of real space flight. Guys, youareallrealheroes!

In the next year, as tour operators and leaders of this sphere of tourism in Russia, we promise to create even bigger number of space events, bringing amazement to our dear clients with new exclusive offers. We will tell more about this in the next 2019! But right we would like say to you all: Merry Christmas and Happy Upcoming New Year!