Successful launch of the spaceship “Soyuz MC-11”.

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Following a failed launch of the space rocket “Soyuz MS-10” there was a special attention paid to the preparations made for the next space mission “Soyuz MS-11”. The launch of this mission saw a number of journalists not only from Russia but also from other countries arriving to watch this event.

Our team also arrived with a group of tourists to support and bid farewell to the space crew. 

Though weather conditions were horrible, we were still not missing any pre-launch processing. Instalment and verticalization of the rocket on the Gagarin’s launch pad were one of the most exciting events, during we were happy enough to meet and talk over with the son of the famous space engineer V.P. Barmin, who continues his father’s legacy and works in the space industry. We also got a chance to befriend and make photos with the back-up crew: Alexander Skvorcov, Luka Parmitano and Andrew Morgan.

Besides witnessing launch preparations our adventurous squad explored command bunker of “Buran Energia”, launch areas “Proton” and “Zenith”, memorial area № 41 dedicated to the military and civilian personnel killed during accident with the rocket R-7. We also paid a visit to the biggest museum located on the territory of Baikonur, where with great interests out tourists listened to the history of space conquering.

On the 3rdof December, 17:32 (local Baikonur time), a long anticipated launch of “Soyuz MS-11” took place, firing off a 58thconsecutive space expedition. For the commander of the mission – Oleg Kononenko, it was his fourth trip to space.

Final countdown: 3, 2, 1…launch! Rocket started to make its way into the sky and almost in one minute it disappeared from our view on the observation platform.

Our group was watching the real-life broadcast of the ascent of space ship and waiting until we got the information that Soyuz has entered an orbit.

In the evening of the same day our friendly company assembled in the lobby of the hotel watching the space link between Soyuz MS-11 and International Space Station and the meeting between 57thand 58thspace expeditions.

Photo report about December’s tour to the Spaceport Baikonur.

We really hope that the next 59thexpedition will consist of Alexey Ovchinin and Nick Hague. Preliminary the launch of space rocket “Soyuz MS-12” is set for the 1stof March 2019.

We are receiving requests for this tour from now on till the middle of February. You can learn more about this tour on our website Tour to the spaceport Baikonur.