Brightest news of the week! This year's MAKS Air Show is to take place From August 27th till September 1st!!!

Showcase of the newest technology
Multiple pavillions and exhibitions
Breathtaking aerobatics right above your head!
Choppers are also there!

Country of Tourism invites you to attend the 2013 MAKS Air Show in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region! It is now officially confirmed that the show will open its doors on August 25th, and will keep entertaining you untill September 1st. This is truly incredible news to know that all the vendors can be there and show off the modern technology. Hundreds of unique exhibits are waiting for you, including the latest and the coolest fighter jets, space shuttles, both, military and civillian helicopters, and some older airplanes that made history back in their time. MAKS is famous for its unmatched festival atmosphere, the incredible displays and extreme adrenaline that rushes through you when you enter the premises, knowing that this is the only show in the world of this magnitude and fame! Please, contact us for more details, tickets, reservations and more.