Tank Museum in Kubinka

tank museum in kubinka
tank museum
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Discover Russian Tank Museum – the biggest museum of armed vehicles in the world. The War History Museum of Armed Vehicle and Equipment, widely known as "Kubinka", has been created in 1972. Museum represents the unique, world's biggest collection of armed vehicles starting from the armed vehicles of the beginning of XX century to modern main battle tanks. The Tank museum collection was founded in 1931 and still keeps growing with new battlefield findings and army write-offs. The collection consists of more than 300 vehicles. For a long time this museum has been closed for "usual" visitors, remaining the most "confidential" tank museum in the world.

The Tank museum in Kubinka exposition is placed in seven pavilions. A collection of domestic armed vehicles is the most representative with world famous heavy tanks such as 5-turret giant T-35, legendary T-34, Su-153, IS-2, IS-7 and many others. Also you will see experimental modern vehicles such as UFO-shaped vehicles and "flying tank" T-80. Besides Russian tanks you will see the German tanks, including such rare as PzKPfw and SAU "Ferdinand". You will see the samples of English tanks of WWI - Mk. V, and even the samples which USSR has got in days of cold war -"Chiften". There is a large collection of tanks from Japan, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Canada, Sweden, China, Italy and France. Thanks to the unique collection, the War History Museum of Armed Vehicle and Equipment is very popular among Russian and foreign tourists.

The tour takes approximately 7 hours.

The tour program includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, Italian or German);
  • Permission to visit museum;
  • Museum guide;
  • Tour in the museum;
  • Entrance tickets;
  • Transportation to the museum (60 km outside of Moscow).

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