Museum of KGB


We invite you to Museum of Federal Service of Security of Russia (former name - the Chekist Museum of KGB of the USSR) which tells the history of the most powerful organization in the world – KGB .The exposition is presented in 4 halls and tells about different work methods of KGB agents.

Historically-demonstrative hall of Federal Service of Security of Russia was opened in 1984 by the personal order of Y. Andropov (Chairman of KGB). It was opened specially for employees of Secret Service to train them in the best traditions of special service. In 1989 when the situation in Russia started to change, the Museum of KGB was open for public and foreign visitors. Even Ex-chairmen of CIA - Turner and Webster visited this museum.

The exposition of Federal Service of Security of Russia (former KGB) consists of more than 2000 items and tells about history of Russian secret service development starting from State foundation and till nowadays.

For example, in 1380 with help of Boyarin Z. Tyutchev - the head of the embassy of the great Moscow Prince Dmitry in golden Horde - the Mamai hordes were destroyed. Tyutchev misinformed Mamai about the quantity of Russian troops, and also got important information of the place and time where Mamai met Lithuanian Prince Oleg, who was going to unite his troops with Mimai’s troops.
You will see the documents from the time of Peter the Great and Catherine II, the Russian wars of 1812 and 1917 years.

A number of stands of Museum of KGB show the events, connected with mass repressions, violation of justice, which took place in the 30s and 40s and the beginning of the 50s. Also work of officers of secret service in the rehabilitation of victims of Stalin’s repressions, restoration of justice people, who spoke against unfair state regimes. A separate hall is dedicated to the activities of the Security Service agents during the Great Patriotic war. You will see the documents devoted to work of Secret Service in nowadays for example the fight against the organized crime, drug traffic and terrorism. You will know a lot about operations which were organized together with secret service of other countries of the world. The exposition of Museum of KGB keeps growing with helps of museum employees who collect and place the new documents from Secret Service.

The tour takes approximately 2 hours.

Price includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, Italian or German);
  • Permission to visit museum;
  • Museum guide;
  • Tour in the museum;
  • Entrance tickets.

We can arrange transportation to the museum, if needed (extra charge)

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