Central Museum of Armed Forces


We would like to persuade you to visit the Armed Forces Central Museum which walks you through military history from the beginning of the first regular army to the present time. The exhibition consists of over 800,000 military items, such as flags and standards, military medals and awards, weapons and military vehicles, uniforms and outfits. In the main area of the museum, you will see armed vehicles and equipment from cannons which were used during the 1918-22 Civil War right up to today’s modern ballistic missiles.

Tour to Central Museum of Armed Forces includes:

  • The exhibition represents the different steps of armed forces development in chronological order;
  • The history of Russian Armed Forces and Navy up to 1917;
  • The Red Army during the Civil War;
  • The Red Army and Navy during the Soviet Union years;
  • Russian Armed Forces during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945);
  • The Soviet Armed Forces during Cold War;
  • The Russian Armed Forces in the present time.

You will see and learn many new facts about arms and weapons from the World War II period, including modern artillery, rockets and aviation equipment (tank T-80, surface-to-air missile system С-300, a supersonic bomber with variable wing positions (changeable geometry of a wing) of the Su-24, MiG-29 and Su-27 jet fighters, a Soviet rocket СС-20 and an American rocket "Pershing-2").

The tour takes approximately 2 hours.

The tour program includes:

  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Museum guide;
  • Entrance tickets;
  • Tour in the museum.

N.B. - We can arrange transport to museum, if needed.


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