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A lot is written about secret bunker of Hitler but it turns out that in Moscow also exist the secret bunker of soviet leader Josef Stalin.

And now you will have the unique chance to attend the bunker of Stalin and see everything with your own eyes what was previously hidden from public.

The bunker was to serve military mission and was built in the 30s of XX century. It was built on Stalin’s orders. The constructing was highly secret. That is why the building of stadium took place there.

It was used by Stalin as an emergency command centre during the years of the World War II. Exactly here soviet leaders discussed whether to leave Moscow for fascists or not.
A 17 km secret passage was constructed and it had connections with the Kremlin. This military object was the part of so much spoken about Metro 2.

At the present moment the bunker is a museum complex where you will find some personal belongings of Stalin and items connected with the war events. The biggest part of them is original.

This construction has no analogues both in time schedule and scope of work. When you are there it seems as if the time has stopped here, and nothing has changed since that time. The bunker contains the huge conference room, where Stalin could receive a visit from 115 people with reports, the private office with the lounge, rooms on different floors. There are some documents in one of these rooms, which had become the museum exhibits. The Great Patriotic War exposition is displayed in museums rooms, here visitors can find out the details of the governmental organizations presence.

There a lot to see there! Do not miss the chance to visit this museum one day.

The tour takes approximately 3 hours.

The Stalin museum tour program includes:

  • Entrance tickets;
  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French or German);
  • Museum guide;
  • Tour round the museum.

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