Photogallery of Flights

Our happy tourists after launch of spaceship in Baikonur.
Soyuz spaceship is flying very high, and looking like meteor in the sky. Baikonu
Soyuz spaceship will launch in few minutes.Baikonur.
Wonderful view of Soyuz launch. Baikonur.
Beautiful sunset on Baikonur. We are ready to see launch of Soyuz.
Group of our young tourists waiting for launch of Soyuz. baikonur.
Backup crew of cosmonauts near bus. Baikonur.
Bus waitng for cosmonauts to go  for launchpad. Baikonur.
International Space School. launch of handmade rocket with group of our tourists
Baikonur landspace with satellites.
Camels visit us near hotel.Baikonur.
We visit control center of Energia-Buran museum
Bunker of Energia-Buran control center.
Verticalization of Soyuz spaceship. Baikonur.
Tourists on Launchpad on verticalization of Soyuz spaceship.Baikonur.
Our tourists watching verticalization of Soyuz spaceship
Russia Today TV Channel takes interview from our manager
Cosmonauts Misurkin and Horishigi from backup creaw
We are looking for transportation of Soyuz spaceship on Baikonur
Soyuz spaceship going from hangar to launchpad
Cosmonaut Vande Hai and Norishigi going to look for roll-out of spaceship
Soyuz spaceship going to launchpad.Baikonur.
Our tourists near Soyuz spaceship on roll-out of rocket
Our tourist giving interview for TV Channel "Russia Today" on roll-out of Soyuz
Baikonur's museum. Panorama.
Buran spaceship model. Real size. Near Museum of Baikonur
Framework of Proton spaceship
Our postcard dedicated to 12 of April - International Cosmonaut Day