MiG-29 jet flights as a PRESENT!

Gift Certificate - Fly in MiG-29
MiG-29 jet flights as a PRESENT!
Gift Certificate - Fly in MiG-29

Go ahead... Give the sky as a present!

Have you ever looked for something extraordinary for a present?

We will be happy to assist you!

Try to astound the lucky person with your creativity and exceptionally exclusive present!

Together, we offer flights on real fighters as presents!

The Flight Gift Certificate could be given to the members of your family, your business partners and colleagues, friends and everyone else!

We offer two types of flights:
-in the legendary Mig-29, at its Birthplace "Sokol" Airbase, in the very heart of Russia.
-L-39 jet training, with the top-guns of the Russian aerobatic team RUSS! Which are held in Moscow region.

By giving this unique and rather valuable gift, you will provide a lot of pleasant moments and positive emotions for the presentee.

From a practical standpoint, it's an excellent opportunity to form a strong relationship with your current or potential business partners, a way for some new contracts signature and may be some carrier level increase!

Just contact us and we will help you to make this idea a reality. It could be one of life’s highlights!

The easy steps to your gift presenting:

  • we will sign a contract with you agreeing to all terms and conditions
  • we will issue a colored and official-looking Gift Certificate and send it to you.
  • you will make an official presentaon of the Gift Certificate to your fortunate friend.
  • we are waiting the GIFT CERTIFICATE holder for the flight in the agreed date during 3 months CERTIFICATE validity period.
  • you are receiving best compliments from the CERTIFICATE holder after he will come back at home as a real pilot!!

We have great experience in this type of offer and many of our overseas friends purchased Jet Flights as gifts for family members and business colleagues.

The Gift program is entirely your personal choice! You may present just a flight or the full Tour Package, including a full tour to Russia via Moscow or Nizhny Novgorod.
Our level of service and the exclusivity of your gift should guarantee the Gift Certificate holder fantastic emotions and enormous pleasure!!!

Go ahead... Give the sky as a present!!!

You could experience other adventures:

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- Zero Gravity Flights in IL-76
- MiG-15 Flight

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