The Great Sayan Adventure

National park Stolby
Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station
Sayan mountains
Khakassian Lake
The golden eagle


Unknown Siberia... There is a place where pagans and Christians peacefully live together, where people still believe in ancient gods and keep up the traditions of ancestors. There is the Earth where you can see the great mountains, mighty rivers and endless taiga, where you can meet descendants of Genghis Khan. We offer you the trip to Sayan Mountains. This trip is a great chance to raise the veil of Siberian mystery and feel the hospitality of local people. You will learn a lot about Siberian style of life in the past as well as present day, moreover you will touch the origins of religions - from the Orthodox Church to Shamanism.

During the Great Sayan Ring Tour you will visit 3 regions, such as Krasnoyarsk region, Republic of Tuva and Republic of Khakassia. This tour will be interesting for all nature lovers as well as for those who is attracted to archeological heritage.

The start point of Sayan Tour is Krasnoyarsk. This city was established in 1628 by ataman A. Dubensky and his people who built the fortress to protect Russian territory from Tatars who lived on the bank of the Yenisei River. In the past Krasnoyarsk was a place of political exile. The new stage in development of Krasnoyarsk has begun in 1822 when the Yenisei province had been created and Krasnoyarsk had been selected as its centre. Today Krasnoyarsk is the largest industrial and cultural centre of Eastern Siberia, an administrative centre of huge region.

Tuva is a place where you can feel the nature, forget about noisy cities, listen to whisper of the trees, watch the clouds floating on the sky and feel smell of a cedar trees. You will chance to listen to yourself and become a part of nature.

During your trip through Khakassia you will be impressed by monuments of archeology of this ancient land. You will see the cave paintings, grave-mounds, stone sculpture which local people still use for worship. You will receive a lot of new and positive emotions of opening the secrets of this ancient land.

Sayan adventure lets you make a little journey to the past when we all were a part of nature.

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