Impressions of our clients

Tourist with the pilot near MiG-29
Colin Jobbins
Ever since I was a child I wanted to fly in a military fighter but I never thought I would get the opportunity. After some research I discovered the company “Space Tourism, Ltd” and realised that it...
Tank rides in Russia - T-34
Turkish guests
Hello our friends! We are just back from Russia. Among other activities there we had a chance to try amazing Tank Rides! We have to admit that everything was cool, we really enjoyed it. We tried 2...
In the cockpit of MiG-29
Alexander Diveev
I performed a flight in MiG-29 on February 24, 2011 on my birthday. During the flight, I received the maximum emotions and really felt what 8,5 G and complex of aerobatics means. I express my ...
Im Kubinka Museum, Adam Moerser
Beat Franz Z.
Der Museumbesuch war sehr interessant, auch die Führung und Geschichten der verschiedenen Panzer waren Perfekt!