Impressions of our clients

Excursion in Moscow
Carsten Mejlbo
Hi Irene, Thanks for the tour and for letting me use your camera. I will share my pictures with you once I get them transferred. Best regards Carsten Mejlbo
Risto Vuorenrinne
Hi Irene, The weather in Baikonur was quite chilly – between 15-25 minus and windy. Anyhow, we are used to this kind of weather, only I and Ari needed to buy fur hats to fight the cold! For the next...
near MiG-29
Michal Bacior
Dear Irene, I was flying today - it was very nice/excellent!! Thank you very much!!! My friends are flying tomorow as you know - I will let you know about impressions. Regards, MB
circus Aquamarin
Wade Schwan
Hi Irene, Circus and nite clubs where both good. I liked the nite club best. Talk later Wade
weightlessness simulator tank
Spencer Rose
Hello Irene, I would like to thank you for the tour to Star City yesterday, and would you thank Nastya for taking me to the Bunker. The bunker was quite surreal in as much as it was built in a...
Manezh Square
Wolfgang Scheider
Hello Irene, thank you for the pictures, and most of all- for your very interesting tour of Moscow! Best regards, Wolfgang
MiG-29 flight in Russia
Marcus Carroll
The MiG-29 flight is a once in a life time opportunity... It is the most outrageous ride I have ever endured. It's manouverability in the sky is breathtaking let alone the 9G forces I had applied...
Our tourists on the Red Square in Moscow
Allan and Margaret Horrigan
Thank you for helping us to see all the beautiful sites in your country. This was our first overseas trip and Irene has made it very enjoyable. We will recommend "Country of Tourism" to all of our...
In the cockpit of MiG-29
Nickey Pratt
This Russian trip was an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Beautiful country, beautiful sights and the MiG-29 flight was mind blowing. I wish to come back and do it all again! Nickey Pratt
Moskau Tour
Christiane Engelmann-Pink
Liebe Natella, nachdem wir eine wunderbare Zeit in Russland hatten, sind wir wieder gut in Deutschland angekommen. Vielen Dank fur die Fuhrung „Moskau bei Nacht“. Es hat alles sehr gut geklappt und...
Cosmonaut Training Centre
Juan Scaliter
Gracias Irene! El vuelo nos ha gustado mucho, fue una experiencia inolviodable, igual que conocer Rusia. Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda y tu paciencia. Teniamos ingravidez en avion IL-76. Este era...
With the pilot
Takeshi Okuma
I've been dreaming about visiting Russia and flight on MIG-29 for all my life. Russia is a great country with lots of places to see. The managers of travel agency "Space Tourism" organized everything...
boat trip in Moscow
Tahir Saleem
Dear Irene, It was pleasure meeting you while I was on a visit to Russia. We shall always carry with us your fond memories of your lovely company and perfect guidence. We found you the best in your...
boat trip in Moscow
Sulaiman Ayaz
Irene did a great job with all the arrangements for our tour . we came from Pakistan in Moscow airport and were greeted by a woman named Irina who most importantly she took care of our needs. She is...
MiG-29 jet flights as a PRESENT!
John Jenkins
My flight in a MiG-29 was the most amazing, exhilarating and challenging experience of my life. From the briefing to the landing I felt totally safe and in the most expert of hands. I was given all...
Historical Museum
Barbara Gross
Dear Irene, I had a wonderful time on your tour & learned a lot about Moscow. I would recommend your tour to any of my colleagues that visit Moscow. I hope you have A Great Weekend!!! Cheers,...
Flights in MiG-29 for tourists
Elif Tastan & Akiner Ozdilek
Hello, We would like to express our special gratitude about the tour and flight. It was a competition prize from Vestel, so the most special thanks is to Vestel for this wonderful experience. We...
Onorio Rocca
Dear Irene, Thank you for the photos, and yes I do remember you, and I look forward to see you again, and I appreciated your assistance and guidance. I got back to Canada fine after my interesting...
St.Basil's Cathedral
Bob Bueltmann
Hi Irene, Thank you for the wonderful tour today! I was very impressed with your knowledge of Moscow and Russia. I think that I learned more today about Russia than I have learned in my entire...
Voldemars with the pilot Andrew near MiG-29
Voldemars Janis Uplejs
Thank you very much for the wonderful experience! The flight was truly memorable, I have never before flown so fast or so high! Andrey, he is a top class pilot! It was very nice and easy to work...