French tourist make flight in MiG-29 to Stratosphere as Gift to his birthday! 2015

French tourist with pilot before flight in MiG-29
Photo with pilot near MiG-29

Dear all,

What an unforgettable experience flight in MiG-29!

It took me about 2 days after the flight to realize what I had done!I went through the flight over and over again, to remember the feelings and emotions that go through your body and mind over the flight.

Its overwhelming!!

The adrenaline rush began for me when the cockpit closed and stayed with me for another 2 days after the flight.

The professionalism of the pilot (Sergey Kara) and the entire crew (starting from the pick up at the hotel to trip back to train station) was impressive. All the people were extremely friendly and helpful in all the task that get you in and out of the aircraft.

A big thank you to them !

And of course, a big warm hug and thanks to my wife Gulnara, who presented me with this beautiful and unforgettable gift !

Will do it again !!!