Suborbital Flight training in MiG-29 for our Polish guest, March 2014

Tomasz Dudziak
Our Tourist inside the cockpit ready for take-off

I am an amateur aerobatic pilot.
During training I have met several retired military pilots who told fascinating stories about flying supersonic jets during their service.

When I found out about the possibility of flying a MiG-29, the decision was easy. I had to try it! After convincing two of my friends to join, I contacted “Space Tourism Ltd.” via e-mail and agreed the details. The process was very straightforward.

Two months later we landed at “Strigino” airport in Nizhny Novgorod. From there on we were fully taken care of by our friendly hosts - Irina, Ksenia and Barbara. We stayed overnight at a nice hotel with views of the Wolga river and the next day were transferred to “Sokol” Airbase.

At Sokol, we met our pilots - Sergey, Yuri and Andrey - all of them factory test pilots with 5000+ hrs.

The flight was explained to us; we got dressed in pressure suits and went to the airfield. The flight itself was a lot of fun. Going from horizontal to vertical while pulling 8.5g was a highlight. Climbing to stratosphere, braking sound barrier and some basic aerobatics near the airfield were good fun as well.

I recommend “Space Tourism Ltd.” to all fans of aviation and adrenaline seekers.

It’s an experience you will not forget and well worth the cost!!!