Impression of brave woman about “Suborbital Space Training” in MiG-29. Gift from her husband on Birthday!


I dream about this flight in MIG-29 very long time. Each time I visit Maks Airshow I was looking at airplanes, jet fighters, and their amazing aerobatic maneuvers in the sky and dream one day to feel this adrenaline, to be in the sky in cabin of pilot and to do all this incredible maneuvers.
My husband make me a real surprise on my birthday! When we were going to Nizhniy Novgorod I have no idea about this surprise. And when he told me that tomorrow morning we will go to airbase Sokol for surprise, I ‘ve got a hope that it will be long-expected flight!!
And this dream comes true!!!!!!!!!
No matter, that in this day was nasty and going little rain, and I need to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning! Nothing could stop me!! Even If I was afraid a little bit, just a little…. But it was more waiting of fabulous flight in MiG-29 with bated breath.
Day start from medical check, instructions with pilot how to use oxygen mask and helmet. I put on special costume, signed documents that I receive instruction before flight and go out on the airdrome. Oh My God! The show starts! Unbelievable! All my body was trembling from expectations, I still can’t believe that it’s really me and it’s really MiG-29 near me! I touch it going around it before flight and all time told to myself “ I can’t believe it! My most big dream comes true!!!! “

We make a noise engine fighter jet and then we take off….. And in several moments I am in STRATOSPHERE! How it happened? When we have time for this? I try to concentrate and look around in the window. It was Amazing!! And then we descended a bit down and start our aerobatic maneuvers. When we began to increase G- force I could only move my eyes and brain, because all body feels that force and I can’t move. It was new amazing feeling to me. I like it!

45 minutes of the flight left like one moment! When pilot told me that flight is completes and 45 minutes have finished I can’t believe. Because 45 minutes of flight in civil airplanes I resist not easy, boring and you feel like it’s too long. And here like one deep breath! One moment, amazing moment, exciting moment, unforgettable moment!!! I have got so much emotions after landing, so the only one I could said is “ Bravo! Bravo pilot!” For him its everyday work, he used to feel this again and again, and for me, sitting on the place of second pilot, it was so amazing experience that you can’t find words to describe it! It is really need to feel by yourself! I was so happy and I will tell about these emotions to everybody I know all my life, because its unique opportunity to see Earth from the Stratosphere, feel this adrenaline, this speed! And everything what you could do during this flight is scream of emotions and try to catch landscapes of Earth from the window.
I thank all who participate in preparing and realization of this flight! My dream comes true! That’s amazing and unforgettable experience!