Emotions about Suborbital Space Training in MiG-29 of Michael S. from Russia! (with Video), May 2014

Michael S.

Friends, flight in MiG-29 was fantastic and left very strong impression... and believe me, it's worth to try - and test yourself in the "space" strength and experience of flight dynamics and perfection of the machine, and excitement of flying...

First of all I would like to send respect and gratitude to the pilots, organizers, representatives of tourism company, the employees of the plant "Sokol" - all those numerous of people, thanks everyone for such an opportunity to discover the sky at supersonic speeds!!

Emotions of the flight are not compared with anything else, it's impossible to describe in a few words... let me give only emotional characteristics: enthusiasm, drive, adrenalin rise, overload (for the flight time you adapt to them and understand how to regroup), fantastic beauty and breathtaking panoramic views, "rocket launch" and aerobatics - and everything is in a regular dialogue with the pilot.

To be honest, even it was "not enough" flight - I really wanted to continue flight and drive again and again.

Personally I would like to mention the cognitive component of the program – either preflight excursion to the Aviation Museum at the territory of the plant and informal communication with the staff and pilots or detailed examination on of the aircraft’s cockpit and instruction about working of all the systems of the aircraft.

I was very impressed by the fact that the employees are happy to answer all the questions and talk about their favorite job with enthusiasm.

Summary: To fly definitely!

Super video from Suborbital Space Training in MiG-29 with vertical take off