Unforgettable emotions of French Tourist from USA , who realize his dream - Flight to Stratopshere in MiG-29 !

French tourist from USA in ready for MiG-29 Flight
Photo with MiG-29 before Flight
Photo of Instrusction about MiG-29 before Flight in Stratosphere
Photo with pilot after Flight in Mig-29
Pilot make registration of MiG-29 Flight in Pilot Log

I had the great opportunity to fly in Mig-29 to Stratosphere. The staff at "Space Tourism Ltd" and on the Sokol airbase was exceptional. The flight itself was a blast!! Yuri Polyakov the Pilot was extremely experienced and professional. We started by going at 40000 feet, then stabilized, increased our horizontal speed to cross the sound barrier, then to Mach 1.7, in order to go as high as possible to see the earth curvature. After few minutes around 60000 feet, there was an intense moment of calm where the view was splendid!!!!! Amazing view from cockpit!!!! Finally we came back around 23000 feet in order to perform some maneuvers, then we started doing some serious maneuvers, from rolls, hammer head, to low pass flights. We went up to 7G!
It was definitely the best experience I ever had!!!! OH My GOD!
As an aviation enthusiast and a Pilot, I also really enjoyed the visit of the Museum of Aviation in Sokol airbase.

The whole experience was greatly managed by everybody. Special thanks to Victoria who managed the whole experience! I encourage anybody who loves sensations, or is an aviation enthusiast to go ahead and do the flight in MiG-29!