Lucky French lottery winner shared his fantastic experience after "Edge of Space" flight in MiG-29, April 2014

Fabien Badolle

I have visited Russia to have flight in MiG-29 because the flight was gifted me from Citroen company. They organized promotion lottery in honor of new C4 Picasso model edition.

I have never been in Russia before and never flown fighter jets…And believe me that at the moment of arrival I was in doubts to have my flight or not…
But the brave decision was done at the last moment… And honestly speaking it is worth to try!!!

My "Edge of Space" flight was an unforgettable experience. Aerobatics were amazing: bank, loop, inverted flight, tail slide!!! We also made a low pass (15m!!!)

The pilot gave me the joystick for a moment, the sensitivity was very spectacular. He made an acceleration to reach 1800 km / h. We also did some G-LOAD tests up to 5,5.
It is a magic experience, a dream becoming true.

I would like to thank Sergey Kara (pilot), Angela (interpreter) and all "Space Tourism Ltd." staff.

I recommend flying MiG-29 to all aviation fans and adrenaline seekers.
I like Russia very much and I will be happy to visit it again: Moscow and Saint Petersburg.